Hi there, Codeminion fans!

We are Crunching Koalas and we are a new independent game development studio founded by Konrad and Maciej, guys who created Codeminion, and three other developers- Lukas, Kris and Tom.

What do we do?

Crunching Koalas - Logo

Our mission is to deliver fulfilling experiences, by patiently crafting cheerful digital entertainment for all those, who need a break.

What does it mean? We don’t want to waste your time– we want our games to be short, packed with memorable content, and designed for everyone who is willing to spend their spare time on playing games.


Why are we here?

Crunching Koalas - Beta Program

We would like to invite you to our Beta Program, which enables everyone to play, test and send feedback on early versions of our games, for free.

Everyone who actively participates in the Beta Program will be mentioned in the final game credits and will hopefully have an impact on the look and feel of the final game.

We’re also planning on rewarding the most committed Beta Program members with full versions of our games and discount coupons.

You can register to our Beta Program here:

We have already released playable pre-alpha versions of our first games.

Both of them are far from complete, but as a result of your feedback it will be much easier for us to make them even more fun and more the way you like them.

Take a look at our games and have fun while playing those early versions!


MouseCraft - Logo

It is a tile-matching puzzle game where you get to help mice in their relentless quest for cheese.

Starring: mad cat scientist, blind mice and world’s most famous blocks- Tetrominos.

The game mechanics will bring back memories of classic puzzle games, and its graphical style can be referred to as cartoon-steampunk.

MouseCraft - Screenshot

  • The final release of the game will include:
  • different kinds of Tetromino blocks (rubber, exploding, etc.)
  • two game modes (Puzzle and Arcade)
  • over 100 levels for each game mode
  • a level editor, which will enable players to create their own maps

Register to our Beta Program and download early version of MouseCraft:

Download MouseCraft for free!

MouseCraft is available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

MouseCraft - Professor


WordTrap Dungeon

It is a scrabble-like, word spelling game mixed with classic dungeon RPG mechanics.

Wordtrap Dungeon - Logo

  • The rules of the game are pretty simple:
  • spell words from available letters
  • attack monsters with a magic spell formed by the letters
  • be quick, as the monsters are anything but friendly
  • defeat the monsters and collect bonus letters
  • advance through the dungeons

Wordtrap Dungeon - Screenshot

  • The full version of the game will include:
  • two game modes: (Story and Arena)
  • a simplified RPG system
  • varied types of dungeons, swarmed with different kinds of enemies


Register to our Beta Program and download early version of WordTrap Dungeon:

Download WordTrap Dungeon for free!

Wordtrap Dungeon - Crystal Golem


Follow the development of our games

Crunching Koalas - Photo

We are very open about the development of our games, so if you would like to know what we are currently doing, follow us on:

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