Saqqarah Released for the iPad!

Help defeat the evil ancient Egyptian god Seth, in this award winning match-3 game. Now you can solve these challenging puzzles on the iPad. Featuring fantastic graphics and intense sound effects, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is a must have for iPad owners.

Developed & published by Codeminion, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah became the industry standard for match-3 games, setting a high benchmark by combining seven puzzle types & bonus levels with too good to be true graphics & sounds. Over 500 unique levels provide the player with more than 50 hours of gameplay. Nowhere else will you get this much bang-for-a-buck.

Buy Saqqarah at the AppStore for $6,99

Be sure to check out the official game site and take a look at the trailer and gallery at

5 Responses to Saqqarah Released for the iPad!

  1. Ruth Frizell says:

    I first bought Saqarah on my Big Fish account. I fell in love with it and especially the big monkey. I have played and enjoyed it several times over the years. I decided to give myself a Xmas present and buy the extension SaqPack. I bought the one of monkeys thru Pay pal. Now I can’t get it to connect to my original Saqarah game. I will be very disappointed if I have to tell paypal to refund my money. I hope to hear from you promptly.

    • Long says:

      i just bought saqqarah game on bigfish, but my mac cant run 32bit app, i wish team come back and can give me 64bit version so it can run on my mac, i feel very sad and stuck because I spent money to buy but can’t play this favorite game.

  2. Shawn Maltese says:

    Any chance that the ancient quest of Saqqarah will come back to the iPad?

  3. Zibah Reyes says:

    Hi there I’m Zibah and I have been playing the Quest Of Saqqarah since 2008. Love the game I bought it and now I have my oldest daughter hooked on the game. I just wanted to thank you guys for this game. We Love it specially the Blue Monkey I have a crush on him.

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