2005: Magic Match

Before making the next game we did a lot of market research and this time we wanted to make everything perfect. We noticed an emerging market of simple downloadable games (back then the name casual games was not in popular use) and decided to give it our best shot. Initially the game was supposed to be a clone of Treasure Fall, but our focus on quality and dedication in experimenting with different features resulted in the final game being quite innovative with all the songs and the drag-to-select mechanic which later spawned a whole sub-genre among match-3 games.

Magic Match was an enormous success for us. The game sold over 100K copies in a few months, then it reached 200K, and then 300K. This was a dream come true for us and it gave a lot of confidence and opened new possibilities that we would soon undertake. The game is still amongst our best-selling titles, and it’s far ahead of anything else we did in terms of ROI. After all we did everything in our spare time, and the whole game cost about 200 USD for the voice overs 🙂