Venture deep into dungeons, swamps, temples, caves, castels and other amazing 3d environments full of fearsome beasts, deadly traps – but rich in treasures. Master all 3 character classes to become anyone from a fearless worrior to a thundering wizzard…

Spellscape is not a complete game, rather it’s a tech demo that we did back in 2003 even before we registered the company. It was ment to be a huge crpg hack&slash game, but we never managed to complete it. At least we learned a lot 😉 You can learn more about the project and even play the last version by clicking on the download button below.

Download now!

  • Gain experience by facing darkness and pure evil in many forms
  • Learn over 100 spells, each with unique visual effects
  • Talk, trade and learn new skills from NPC’s
  • Create your own scrolls and potions by gathering herbs and other components




  • Operating system: Windows
  • Processor: 200 MHz
  • Graphic Card: DirectX 8 Compatible
  • RAM Memory: 64 MB
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB free space