Maciej Biedrzycki

Maciej is one of two co-founders of Codeminion Development Studios and author of many computer games. He works as a programmer, producer, designer and even composed some of the tunes in our games (most notably for Magic Match and Saqqarah). You can read more interesting stuff on the Casual Games Harmony blog, that he updates when there's nothing else to do. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen a lot lately. Currently Maciej works full time on Return 2 Games at Thing Trunk.

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It’s been many years of intense development, but finally our spin-off studio, Thing Trunk, has released its first game, Book of Demons. The game is available now in the Early Access program on Steam. This means that the game is …


A while back we wrote about the history of Codeminion and Thing Trunk. And Thing Trunk has announced a new game, Book of Demons. Although the game is a hack & slash it should be a treat for Codeminion fans. …