Michal Paliborek

People often ask us who creates all those excellent websites for our games. Well, Michal does. He’s our admin, website designer and much more. If you have any questions or problems with our games, Mic will be delighted to help you as he is running the support section. He’s even got game development experience of his own after designing and producing the Bayo Bongo game. He also created many of our recent game trailers. Yes, Michal does a lot of things and without his work Codeminion would literally come to a halt!

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I’m proud to inform you that Phantasmat has been named nr 1 hidden object game of 2011 by the biggest casual game website Gamezebo. The competition was tough this year, the bar was set very high and Phantasmat not only …


After a long period of silence, we’d like to present the new look of our website. We hope you like it. You can express your feelings toward the site in the poll on the right, but if you have any …