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26 January 2010
Petition to help StoneLoops!
Many players have noticed that our marble popper game StoneLoops! of Jurassica has been removed from the Apple iTunes AppStore several months ago. The reason for the removal was a complaint filed by a competitor, who accused us of infringing their copyrights. Despite our strong objections and the fact that there were no legal grounds for such a claim - it was their word against ours - Apple followed a procedure and pulled our game off their distribution channel.

Petition to help StoneLoops!

Together with authors of other iPhone applications that were removed in a similar way we are gathering signatures under a petition trying to convince Apple to change their policy which clearly allows abuse and unfair competition.

Petition link:

If you agree with the petition and would like to support our cause, please be sure to leave your signature and share the link with your friends. Please note that StoneLoops! for Mac and Windows PC is still available on all distribution channels including GameClubCafe.
If you have any questions, please see our contact page.

Thanks for your support!
Codeminion Team

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