Hello, dearest gamers!

17 July 2009
Three new games from us!

It's time to finally reveal what we've been up to in the last few months. Of course, you could probably guess we were busy making some games, but we bet you didn't except there's three of them! And each one with our trademark attention to details.

Magical crystals, evil wizards, grumpy demons they are no challenge for Brunhilda, a smart city girl and the hero of our upcoming adventure game. After all, when your aunt disappears in mysterious circumstances, you ought to rescue her even if it means travelling to the Realm of Magic.

Brunhilda - Screenshot 1 Brunhilda - Screenshot 2

Phantasmat is going to be a feast for amateurs of horror and mysteries. This moody hand-drawn adventure game is sure to give you some goose bumps while discovering secrets of a abandoned town submerged in a dam catastrophe!

Phantasmat - Screenshot 1 Phantasmat - Screenshot 2

Khufu will take you for a completely brand new adventure of exploration and puzzle solving. This game is going to be nothing like you've seen before, but we're not spoiling the secret yet.
Let's just say it goes much deeper this time around ;).

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