Hello, dearest gamers!

15 February 2009
We Cut Our Games Prices in Half!
From now on, you can get all our games for only $9.99! The prices on our Game Club Cafe portal were also lowered and now you can get most of the games from our ever growing collection for $9.99 or $6.99.

And that's not the end of good news. Anybody who buys Ancient Quest of Saqqarah from our website can add any of the SaqPacks to the shopping cart and receive a $2.50 discount.

Buying games directly from our website ensures you that you will get all updates and expansion packs as soon as they come out. It also means that your money goes directly to the game's creators and supports the development of further titles.
If you have any questions, please see our contact page.

With Regards,
Codeminion Team