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Hello, dearest gamers!

5 September 2008
First SaqPack - Monkey Monarchs Is Out!
     After months of hard work, the first SaqPack - Monkey Monarchs is finally out! You can purchase it for only $9.95 from and literally double the length of Saqqarah!

Saqqarah SaqPack: Monkey Monarchs

      Monkey Monarchs is:
  • A new set of 504 unique levels
  • Additional gameplay music
  • New hillarious ranks to gain!
  • New hidden hieroglyphs to find

Full copy of the original Saqqarah is required to run the SaqPack

Buy Saqqarah SaqPack: Monkey Monarchs for Windows/PC   Buy Saqqarah SaqPack: Monkey Monarchs for Mac

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah - New version! We also released a very important update for both PC and Mac version Saqqarah! If you have the game, we strongly recommend you to download it. It fixes the crash problems some people had in the Temple of Bast.

Download new version:
Saqqarah 1.18 for PC
Saqqarah 1.19m for Mac
If you have any questions, please see our contact page.

With Regards,
Codeminion Team