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Hiya gamers!

18 July 2008
Saqqarah's brand new wesbite and video trailer!
     With Saqqarah's official premiere going on, we've lunched a brand new website dedicated to that game. It's available on:

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah - The Official Website

     The website holds many extra materials, screenshots, hints and funny trivia about Khufu and his adventures. It's also a home to the cinematic video trailer of Ancient Quest of Saqqarah. We hope to see you there.

     We also released a new version of the game that fixes few minor bugs. If you got the game from us, you can redownload it from Saqqarah website. Just install it over the current one - you game progress won't be lost.
If you have any questions, please see our contact page.

With Regards,
Codeminion Team