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17 April 2008
Let's talk about Saqqarah!
     Saqqarah, our biggest project, is coming close to completion! It's a great time to share some first information. We're really excited about this upcoming title, so it's a very important moment for us :).

     Saqqarah will be a mind teasing game with an atmosphere familiar to all the fans of adventure movies. However, the most important feature of the game will be its length and variety not seen before in casual games. Saqqarah will literally take dozens of hours to fully explore all of its content, and variety of different challenges will make sure that these hours are always exciting! The game will also feature really impressive audiovisuals to come along with the rich game play. Just look at these images taken from the game's introductory sequences:

     In the upcoming weeks we will be publishing more information and media. Be sure to check our website as well as Saqqarah's dedicated news center for information on our progress and the game's cool features.
If you have any questions, please see our contact page.

Kindest Regards,
Codeminion Team